Recently, a artificial intelligence or can shift to an earlier date the news that a week casts a typhoon causes attention. The report says, the choose and employ persons of research group profit of Japanese marine research organization and university of a poetic name of China is versed in intelligent deepness learns a skill, developed from model of resolution of global cloud system (the method that the high accuracy in data of NICAM) climate test identifies cloud of tropical depression omen. This method can spot the sign before giving low pressure of tropics of summertime northwest Pacific Ocean to produce a week. Do not look not to know, original artificial intelligence has begun hair power in weather forecast respect. Can be it forecasted more definitely than the mankind? The reporter intervie齐富路阿信桑拿全套齐富路阿信桑拿价目表wed central observatory expert for this, the AI assistant that tries to understand atmosphere to forecast is behaved after all how. AI already considered to report related popular g御龙池部长可以上钟吗三茂大酒店御龙池技师round into weather forecast, the way that studies the group is particular is to use tropical depression to dog above all algorithmic, the climate test data that gathers model of resolution of global cloud system 20 years, control 50 thousand pieces of intertropical low pressure initiative cloud and the tropical depression cloud at车陂金典酒店400全套广州天河车陂300全套las in evolving piece, pursue plus 1 million pieces of low pressure cloud that did not evolve into tropical depression piece, in all composition of 1.05 million pieces of pictures studies data 10 groups, use deepness to coil the machine study that accumulates nerve network, 10 kinds when make different feature identify implement, build next piece can identify to 10 kinds implement the rally that has be evaluatinged integratedly as a result identifies implement. To this, central observatory typhoon and Qian Jifeng of vice director of center of marine weather forecast express, relevant report introduced a practice only, reveal concrete forecast positive result without body, “Typhonic development has a few level, development time is longer, embryo is formed on ocean, short criterion 2 to 3 days, long want 5 days even 7 days of development become a typhoon. Want to shift to an earlier date 7 days to spot the sign before giving tropical depression to happen, believing can be accomplished. ”   introduces according to Qian Jifeng, use the method of nerve network on weather forecast not fresh, 80 time had had the century on a few application, as the development of big data and artificial intelligence, the progressively application such as network of study of huge data deepness, complex nerve, artificial intelligence佛山顺德飞机网 forecasts weather to had become a very popular topic. Not only use in draw near the forecast of weather, the domain such as the钟村水疗会所那家好金桂湾水会spa forecast of ocean of climate application research, typhoon, forecast of sea fog, have artificial intelligence technology add hold. Acting print introduces vice director of room of research and development of technology of central observatory weather forecast, the academia applied research progress mediumly to undertake classified arranging in weather climate to AI, basically include radar quality control, satellite data to act instead reach the atmosphere data processing such as absorb ocean of forecast, probability forecast, typhoon draws near when; is short system of storm environment classification of characteristics, weather identifies the weather business; such as forecast of weather forecast, extreme or early-warning of calamity sex weather, environment wait for weather climate to analyse; . How to artificial intelligence technical application studies to weather climate and use a field, already made heat way. The insufficient generation print that makes up for traditional and numeric mode tells a reporter, traditional weather forecast岗顶总统大酒店情景房广州御池桑拿部长电话 develops pattern of more mixed dynamical numerical value ceaselessly, in an attempt to is more accurate and forecast weather ahead of schedule, weather of artificial青浦御龙池洗浴中心抽空去三茂御龙池御龙池 intelligence forecast is the forecast technology that gives priority to with big data drive, “Actually these two kinds of means are the problem that solution differs definitely, 潇洒皇宫哪个技师漂亮广州潇洒皇宫有什么服务the numeric mode system that develops ceaselessly namely provides higher resolution, more accurate forecast result, but t广州休闲会所竹怡堂休闲会红牌86广州竹怡堂娱乐场所 一条龙广州休闲会所按摩全套he uncertainty of the blemish as a result of its oneself and爆光事件金莎洗浴广州三元里维也纳全套 weather forecast, still cannot satisfy the different requirement of all sorts of users, data drive method provided very useful tool to make up for this one difference. ” acting print expresses. Be in our country, in recent years the propulsion as weather business modernization, AI technology also receives progressively application. The print that occupy era introduces, be in national scene center, the f广州御龙池828技师 岗顶总统大酒店orecast that researcher has dug data technical application to forecast data at huge rally believes breath extraction, those who be like development is best a technology and 100 minutes of typhoon path are optimal choose compositive method, to r水澜湾休闲会所一条龙广东水澜湾aising forecast accuracy rate has distinct effect. “We are using artificial intelligence technology at reseau to forecast business in exploration, through cooperating with Tsinghua university, use distributed deepness to learn algorithm of network of loop of deepness of frame, spatio-temporal memory, radar extrapolate forecasts accuracy rate than promote on average before 40% . ” acting print says. Be in center of public weather s广州御龙池红牌技师ervice, university of investigator combination Tianjin is collective research and development product of service of countrywide strong convection processes a system. This system uses the new technology such as pattern recognition and deepness study, can change the ground to monitor weather of early-warning strong convection with intelligence quickly, can judge the area that strong convection weather produces a future inside 30 minutes and affects, the area space resolution that calculates a product is 1 kilometer, every 6 minutes of tumble are newer. Besides national observatory, each are provincial observatory already also began relevant research, “Artificial intelligence so fire, we hope to use it early on our major for certain, need not new technology is outdated. ” Qian Jifeng laugh says. Current, what Guangdong saves atmosphere bureau to use wha广州马场水疗136号技师t the platform in A begins to be based on deepness study is short face precipitation to forecast the result the objective emend that bureau of atmosphere of good; Beijing also learns the machine methodological application to forecast bureau of atmosphere of; Fujian Province be based on the precipitation element of machine study at temperature. Although obtained a series of result,combinative dominant position develops to depth, but compare with develop广州天河全套会所2019广州水疗会所哪个好ed country photograph, it is certai番禺桥南宝岛汇水疗南郊宝岛汇n that home enrages the research of forecast and application to still exist about AI action Yu Tian difference, include: AI technolo足道乐 番禺钟村金桂湾水疗会gy application is in centrally short when draw near on forecast, and the entire chain to weather forecast business, if data quality control, much calamity is planted,weather early-warning abil总统大酒店御池桑拿yc广州总统丽池葵花蒲典ity, product is made and decision-making service prop up technology of far still insufficient;AI to be given priority to with application development, relevant and academic research and the research and development that face demand for service to have specific aim are not quite thorough still. To this, acting print s广州上门一条龙服务广州上门服务什么价位uggests, main effect is produced in the crucial link of business flow to advance AI technology further, future should be strengthened new, research of more advanced AI technology theory and application develo广州天河区fj场广州fj场体验pment, “At present major AI technics research and development sti鸿伟休闲中心红牌技师鸿伟休闲中心在几楼ll is with atmosphere science professional setting personnel is given priority to, need is science of statistical, computation, big the scientist of the professional setting such as data mining is joined, active cooperate with place of courtyard of relevant college, scientific research. ”   is more important is data, the product output quality of AI technology gets the limitation of data-in quality, want to obtain better result, the atmosphere that needs to strengthen high quality, long series trains the research and development of data set, provide the mode data with consistent character of long history, statistic for example, the observation that arrange and develops high resolution and analytic data are used at train and examining. In the research that narrates Japanese marine research organization and university of a poetic name of China afore, research group obtains taller identifying to use deepness study precision, need to exceed the mass data of thousands of pieces of picture to type of atmosphere of avery kind of. “We also are analysed again in what do data of long series weather. ” acting print expresses. Additionally he emphasizes, major AI technique is at present similar ” black box ” ,广州全桑拿套场2019 in move below the circumstance normally good, but encounter extreme situation may invalidation. Accordingly, the print that occupy era introduces, british atmosphere bureau is using data drive all the time, understand statistical technology and physical mode and profundity union to rise, accumulated a large number of experience, mix net of high resolution observation, mixed numeric pattern for example analyse data to use statistical technology union to rose to develop business to forecast a tool for wind energy industry again, can offer more the wind- driven forecast of high accuracy, apply to comp广州海曼岛国际水会白云区海曼岛lex landform condition. “To overcome the challenge that comes from black box application, the machine that still needs development to be aimed at environmental science studie出售全国各地mm信息s theory and method. ” acting print expresses. In addition, also need to drive the changeover that studies achievement applies to business activ广州唔准唔开桑拿广州海珠那个水会有半套ely, include to build open sex, numerous framework of achieved aftertreatment support base, build the group that steps a branch to build and safeguard general AI algorithm software, training and test data, examine evaluate etc, offer resource to use Yu Peixun the level of research and development of relevant personnel. Acting print expresses, it is good at can be being made to have good forecast differs decision-making, result of traditional and numeric forecast is more and more accurate, but the f金沙洲月都城桑拿微信金沙洲月都城经理电话阿拉爱上海 自荐orecast result新市鸿伟休闲中心 such as intensity of fall, typhoon and method does not direct good certainly answer decision-making. In this respect, artificial intelligence technology is well worth doing, although AI is returned cannot well the physical process of imitate tradition, but the data that waits for each domain through be like traffic, the sources of energy, agriculture integratedly and research, it can help the mankind take out better decision-making plan when answering weather to affect. “Artificial intelligence just started in the application in atmosphere industry, applied setting future still has a lot of. “Qian Jifeng expresses, “In future among 10 years, conformity is based on the method of the numeric forecast of physical mode and data drive, will bring new opportunity to weather forecast, use machine study at allergy of incur loss through delay of traffic jam, aviation, pollen to wait for the forecast that handles with physical model hard for example, can provide more valuable information. Can provide more valuable inform嘉禾君港休闲服务广州桑拿休闲会所论坛ation..